April 16, 2014

Massive blood Moon UFO caught during Eclipse - Apr 15, 2014

An amateur astronomer sent this footage to secureteam10 of YouTube of displaying an object coming up from the surface of the moon and going around to the back side.

Blogger Tricks

Area 52 "The New Area 51"

The show investigates the Dugway Proving Ground, a remote military testing facility near Dugway, Utah, and examine the reports of UFO activity that has surrounded the site for the past 10 years -- leading some UFO watchers to dub it "Area 52" and "The New Area 51."

Dugway's mission is to test, implement US and Allied biological and chemical weapon defense systems in a secure and isolated environment.

DPG also serves as a facility for US Army Reserve and US National Guard maneuver training, and US Air Force flight tests--mostly from nearby Hill Air Force Base in Ogden.

DPG is controlled by the United States Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC).


April 15, 2014

Pictured: NASA Mars: Horned 'Goat-like' Fossil - Apr 16, 2014

Here is a remarkable image of what looks like a small size horned Fossil on Mars.

The image is published on NASA’s official JPL website on April 15, 2014. SOL 601Picture link

I am surprised that NASA has published this, as we know, NASA normally would have covered it up but for some reason they have decided to publish the image of the fossilized remains of a 'goat-like' animal into public domain. 

NASA statement: “Mars could have hosted life.”

According to a CNN report published on April 13, 2014 – NASA says: "We have found a habitable environment that is so benign, and supportive of life, that probably if water was around and you had been on the planet, you would have been able to drink it," John Grotzinger, Curiosity project scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said in a Tuesday news conference." Further Reading