August 3, 2015

Voice of a Ghost recorded by Marana Police, Arizona? (Video)

The Marana Police Department is almost convinced that they have recorded the voice of a ghost during a recent radio transmission.

The Marana police posted a video to their Facebook page and ask their readers if they hear an unusual sound around the 19 second mark.

Below, the original post/text from the Marana Police Department on their Facebook page.

Marana Police Department 
July 31 at 2:00am

Listen for the unusual anomaly that was recorded during this recent MPD radio transmission. Could it be a ghost? What do you hear it say? At the 19 sec mark, some people think it says "Stop talking to me." Our radio technician listened to it and could offer no explanation. He said it was not interference or picking up another frequency.

Do you recognize the sound and could it be a ghost that says "Stop talking to me."?

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August 2, 2015

NASA reveals images of strange flying saucer-shaped Asteroid 1999 JD6

Asteroid 1999 JD6: Contact-Binary or Unidentified Flying Object?

Radar Data of Asteroid 1999 JD6 revealed the object is a Contact-Binary, but is the asteroid really a Contact-Binary?

Radar data of the bizarrely-shaped 1.2 miles-long asteroid 1999 JD6 revealed the object is a contact binary consisting of two lobes. And it rotates in just over seven-and-a-half hours and is thought to be a relatively dark object. The data was collected over seven and a half hours on July 25, 2015, when the asteroid was about 4.5 million miles (7.2 million kilometers) from Earth.

Scientists were able to use two Earth-based radio telescopes to capture "images" of the 'Trillion-Dollar Asteroid' asteroid 2011 UW158 as it passed by Earth on July 19.

To obtain the views, researchers paired NASA's 230-foot-wide (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, California, with the 330-foot (100-meter) National Science Foundation Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia.

Using this approach, the Goldstone antenna beams a radar signal at an asteroid and Green Bank receives the reflections. The technique, referred to as a bistatic observation, dramatically improves the amount of detail that can be seen in radar images.

Video below: Rotating images of the asteroid.
0.34 Mark: Images show 'Egg-shaped' asteroid 1999 JD6.
1.38 Mark: Images show 'flying saucer-shaped asteroid 1999 JD6.


Chicago's Soldier Field Glows Green As White Orb Vanishes Above It (Video)

Yesterday we reported that a bright green burning object was seen in the sky flying over Buenos Aires, Argentina. Then the object was seen over Porto Alegre, Brazil on July 30, 2015. It is not clear whether the object was a meteorite or a UFO.

Now a new footage was sent in by a subscriber from Chicago. He stated that many people witnessed Soldier Field Glowing Green a few nights ago.

Soldier Field is an American football stadium on the Near South Side of Chicago, Illinois.

Besides the strange glowing green above Soldier Field, he also caught a mysterious white Orb vanishing above the Stadium.

The next two videos show Soldier Field glowing green and a green burning object flying over Buenos Aires, Argentina.